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We Invite You on a
Twisted Journey With Us

Prepare to get a little twisted as we transport you into another time and place. Twisted Escape Room is a devilishly delightful fully immersive experience that will test your wits, powers of observation and problem solving skills.
With just sixty minutes to escape- Will you make it out?

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You have been chosen to help us uncover the Saint Medallion.

Lost for over a hundred years, this mariner merchant ship was on its way to port under clear skies but never arrived. For years we’ve been researching the location attempting to find the lost ship, and now with your help we will solve the mystery of the Saint Medallion. With a crew of 8 embark into the depths with our state of the art nautical machine, remember you only have 60 minutes worth of air supply- so act fast and solve the mystery quickly.

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Welcome to Cross-Time Excursions, where we specialize in one of a kind vacations that transport you into the period of your choosing. With over 100 vacations booked* we can’t wait to help you plan yours!

With Cross-Time Excursions as your guide we will transport you into the hysteria of the Salem witch trials around the year 1692. In complete comfort and ease, enjoy witnessing firsthand one of early Americas (Note; that is Earth’s America) most notorious tragedies. We suggest a travel group of up to 8 and remind travelers that they are limited to 60 minutes per trip.   

* Cross-Time Excursions disclaims any responsibility for persons lost in the space time continuum. All space time travel is at own risk and is the responsibility of the traveler to ensure a safe return. Time travel is an inherently risky activity and traveler assumes all risk and agrees to hold Agents of Cross-Time Excursions and their heirs or successors harmless in the likely event that the traveler is lost in the void of space and time or suffers any other harm. Including but not limited to loss of existence, loss of motor function, loss of temporal lobe, sudden spontaneous combustion.

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I invite you to a world where there is no such thing as time, and every creature lends itself to change your state of mind.

Step through the door into the Rabbit Hole. Watch your head! This one of a kind experience is recommended for 8 players with a 60 minute time limit. Can you make it out of the Rabbit Hole before it caves in?

Warning: Not for the faint of heart, this room is one of our more intense experiences here at Twisted Escape.

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Twisted Escape Room

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